Nik Kuebler 

 The love of photography was most definitely passed from mother to son. Growing up In Jupiter, FL as a kid I was either the start of my mother's photography being the subject of every photo she took or being the observer of the talent going to shoots with her.  It wasn't long before I picked up a camera and realized the wonder of capturing fleeting moments for myself. This passion, and eye for composition, is what led me to create my own photography business as a freshman in college, and to pursue (and graduate from) UCF with B.A. in Film and a minor in communications in 2015. 

I have photographed many different occasions; graduations, weddings, sports, baby portraits, adult portraits, and professional club portraits. I am available for any type of event or personal portraits. If you have any questions about anything, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email! I am presently based out of Jupiter, Fl